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Who is IRMAA and why do I need to know about Her?

Do you pay more than $144.60 per month for Medicare Part B?  This may be the reason! The “Big Day” is fast approaching!  You will be age 65 soon.  You’ve done everything you need to begin this new life; notified your employer you’re retiring, contacted Social Security and filed for Social Security benefits and Medicare,…
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When Does Helping a Parent Best Begin?

The month of love is here. Valentine’s Day changes for us over the years. Today it may be the celebration of a spouse who is now an angel. Everything changes and that’s where it’s important for family-parents, adult children, etc. to watch over their loved ones. As one changes physically and mentally they may withdraw…
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Life Can Change in a Moment

Do you know anyone whose life changed in a moment?   Maybe it was a promotion, or learning that they would be a mother or father.  Other times it could be a terrible accident, a lab test or an abnormal x-ray.  It’s nice to be able to prepare for such things as having a child…
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About to have a genetic test? Think Twice and Consider It

In recent years there have been more talk of genetic testing, but can that test affect your ability to buy insurance?  The unfortunate answer is “yes”.  Insurance companies, other than Health Insurance Companies - Obamacare (ACA) can use this information to charge higher premiums or decline your coverage altogether. As of today insurance companies continue…
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