Veteran Benefits

How are
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to pay for
assisted living?

Veteran Benefits | How Are You Going To Pay For Assisted Living? | Living By Your Design, Inc.

Fadi B. Rustom, a Veterans Affairs Accredited Attorney, personally handles all applications.

Fadi B. Rustom's process and presentation of the application to the VA gives you the highest level of success.

Due to the complexity of the application process, Living By Your Design can help simplify the application process by reducing the time, stress and the unknown involved in applying. In addition, we can assist you with figuring out what documents and information that are needed. Our experience shows the value of assistance by a VA Accredited Attorney.

The Aid & Attendance Pension helps pay for: Assisted Living, Nursing Home, Home Health Care and Independent Living with Home Health Care.

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The Living By Your Design Team are dedicated to making the Aid & Attendance application as simple as possible.

How Are You Going To Pay For Assisted Living? | Living By Your Design, Inc.


  • Served During War Time
  • Prolonged Medical Prognosis
  • If Widowed, Spouse Not Remarried


  • A veteran and dependent spouse will get $2,230 a month
  • A veteran without a spouse will get $1,881 a month
  • Surviving spouse of a veteran will get $1,209 a month
  • A well veteran and ill spouse will get $1,477 a month

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