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Give A Caregiver A Break

We are headed into the Holiday Season; children are thinking of Christmas presents, parents of family gatherings. Even with the joy of the season, we are also a year older and in some cases a little less “festive” as we were last year. The stress of Christmas shopping and get togethers may be more intense…
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Eight Mistakes to Avoid When Looking at Senior Living Communities

If you’re looking for assisted living, you know you can’t afford to make a poor decision when the stakes are so high.  This is often a very stressful time for all family members and too often, just finding a place to start is tough. Selecting a senior living community can be made easier if you…
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Who is IRMAA and why do I need to know about Her?

Do you pay more than $134 per month for Medicare Part B? This may be the reason! The “Big Day” is fast approaching! You will be age 65 soon. You’ve done everything you need to begin this new life; notified your employer you’re retiring, contacted Social Security and filed for Social Security benefits and Medicare,…
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