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Who is IRMAA and why do I need to know about Her?

Do you pay more than $144.60 per month for Medicare Part B?  This may be the reason! By Beth Cooper Ingle The “Big Day” is fast approaching!  You will be age 65 soon.  You’ve done everything you need to begin this new life; notified your employer you’re retiring, contacted Social Security and filed for Social…
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Wrapping up 2020 and Planning for 2021

As we enter this holiday season, life is clearly different.  Hopefully, this article will inform and clarify some of the issues many people face at this time.  Depression:  The Covid 19 pandemic has put us in a time period that we hope never to see again.  Businesses closed or at a minimum have altered procedures. …
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Saying “I Love You”?

Remember telling dad: “I love you” and the respnce was “yeah”?  Yet he would be the first to want to go fishing with you!  People show their love diffently, especially as they age and may may become frustrated by physical or mental limitations. So children may step up to help fill a role as caregiver…
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Diabetes and some things you want to know

Having labs drawn, following strict diets, finger sticks, and exercising.  If you are diabetic you can relate. If not, then this will be helpful for you to understand what someone you may know goes through. Normal daily routines consist of bring out the glucose monitor, test strips, and last but not least choosing the finger…
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