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Wiggle Your Toes in the Sand

By Steven Buttice, Founder and President, Living by Your Design, Inc. It’s February and how would you like to be “wiggling your toes in the Florida sand”?  You can do it, but it doesn’t happen by accident.  Many people have saved a portion or of their income over time so they can enjoy such pleasures. Now…
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Retiring? And/or Going on to Medicare—It’s Complicated!

By Beth Cooper Ingle, CSA This is complicated and you cannot afford to make a mistake.  Are you over age 65 and still working or your spouse is still working and have Health Insurance through an Employer Group Health Plan (EGHP)?  If so, you may be able to delay enrollment in Medicare Part B.  Again,…
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Who is IRMAA and why do I need to know about Her?

Do you pay more than $144.60 per month for Medicare Part B?  This may be the reason! By Beth Cooper Ingle The “Big Day” is fast approaching!  You will be age 65 soon.  You’ve done everything you need to begin this new life; notified your employer you’re retiring, contacted Social Security and filed for Social…
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Wrapping up 2020 and Planning for 2021

As we enter this holiday season, life is clearly different.  Hopefully, this article will inform and clarify some of the issues many people face at this time.  Depression:  The Covid 19 pandemic has put us in a time period that we hope never to see again.  Businesses closed or at a minimum have altered procedures. …
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