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Diabetes and some things you want to know

Having labs drawn, following strict diets, finger sticks, and exercising.  If you are diabetic you can relate. If not, then this will be helpful for you to understand what someone you may know goes through. Normal daily routines consist of bring out the glucose monitor, test strips, and last but not least choosing the finger…
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Are you prepared for what’s next after a hospital stay?

A visit to your parents’ house one day turns into an unexpected visit to the hospital. You walk in to find dad laying at the bottom of the stairs near the kitchen. He had fallen and has broken his hip. Off to the hospital and into surgery he goes. Unexpected, things happen all the time…
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What is White Glove Service Worth and How Can I Benefit?

Have you ever come across a significant aspect of your parent’s or a loved one’s life and didn’t know where to turn to get information to help solve the problem?  Perhaps, it might be a look at legal and financial documents to be sure they are in order.  Further, it could be about planning for…
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Turning 65 – Still Working – What you need to know about Medicare

Older adults are working longer. By 2018, 24 percent of men and about 16 percent of women ages 65 and older were in the labor force. These levels are projected to rise further by 2026, to 26 percent for men and 18 percent for women.  This is according to the   U.S. Census Bureau, Current Population Survey;…
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