Courtyard Estates of Peoria is a proud partner with Living By Your Design (LBYD). This company demonstrates sincere dedication by helping numerous seniors find a community that best suites their wants and needs. Our community is lucky to have such a reliable resource available when searching for a home for loved ones or those looking for themselves. Courtyard Estates of Peoria has worked together that have become great additions to our Courtyard family. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with those at LBYD. Both companies share a common goal of connecting seniors with excellent care while feeling at home, relaxed, and with peace of mind. We would like to thank everybody at LBYD that have assisted qualified seniors in making Courtyard Estates of Peoria their place where they can call home.

Courtyard Estates of Peoria-, Peoria, IL

We would not know where to begin. We appreciate having Living By Your Design provide usable and practical information we can depend on.

C. & M. R., Yates City IL

Steve has helped with both living arrangements (assisted living), and financial support, through Veterans benefits for my elderly father by referring me to a VA attorney. He even set up a meeting with an attorney, and a financial advisor, and attended the meetings with me. I am so grateful to have had his expertise, kindness, and compassion to guide me each step of the way through these issues. It has greatly relieved my stress, sometimes on daily basis. I am thankful for his caring support when I needed it the most.

C.S., Tremont, IL

We were looking for an assisted living facility for my parents, but we had so many questions and a lot of uncertainty on where to turn for help. My parents don’t have a lot of money or assets, so we were unsure of what they could afford. My dad has Parkinson’s, so we also needed to find a facility that could offer him the proper care and amenities. We contacted Steve which was the best decision we made. Their knowledge and insight were extremely valuable. They were very patient and listened to all our questions and concerns. Then, they offered sound advice and came up with a plan that worked best for our situation. That same day, we had calls from three assisted living facilities and shortly after that, we had my parents into a place that was perfect for their needs. We felt so much more at east after talking to Steve and Vicki, and we could not have found such a nice place for my parents without their help. We would recommend Living By Your Design (LBYD) to anyone who is looking for senior living options.

T. & L. W, Germantown Hills, IL

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