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Diabetes and some things you want to know

Having labs drawn, following strict diets, finger sticks, and exercising.  If you are diabetic you can relate. If not, then this will be helpful for you to understand what someone you may know goes through. Normal daily routines consist of bring out the glucose monitor, test strips, and last but not least choosing the finger…
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About to have a genetic test? Think Twice and Consider It

In recent years there have been more talk of genetic testing, but can that test affect your ability to buy insurance?  The unfortunate answer is “yes”.  Insurance companies, other than Health Insurance Companies - Obamacare (ACA) can use this information to charge higher premiums or decline your coverage altogether. As of today insurance companies continue…
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A Gift of Life

Waited last month and the months before. Waiting today for hope tomorrow. Have you ever known someone who needs a transplant or is on the donor list? Did they receive their transplant? Most would say this is a time of uncertainty, stress and anxiety. The alternative of not receiving the organ is a short road…
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Patient Advocacy: What is it? How do I use it?

Patient Advocacy Are you a member of the sandwich generation with an active family of your own in addition to parents who need increasing levels of support and care?  Has your spouse or one of your parents been recently diagnosed with a chronic illness, like dementia, heart disease, diabetes or COPD (a lung disorder) and…
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