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Eight Mistakes to Avoid When Looking at Senior Living Communities

If you’re looking for assisted living, you know you can’t afford to make a poor decision when the stakes are so high.  This is often a very stressful time for all family members and too often, just finding a place to start is tough. Selecting a senior living community can be made easier if you…
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Vets – How Are You Going To Pay For Assisted Living?

Veterans Assisted Living Are you a Veteran?  Hats off to you and thank you for your service.   Some say it seems that the US government does not help its veterans to the extent they should.  Now, good news for those qualified veterans who are in great need of help with activities of daily living.…
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Looking at Senior Living Communities – Where Do I Start?

  What is home?  This writer believes home is a major part of our identity. Chances are a married couple bought the home at a very exciting time of life.  Families are raised in the home.  Memories surround each room and piece of furniture. Vibrant bedroom colors may have been chosen by adult children when…
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