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About Us

Living by Your Design was formed in January of 2013 to address the lifestyle and healthcare needs of those experiencing major life transitions.

In addition to providing free assistance with temporary or permanent living arrangements, Steve Buttice, our founder, and Mary Casterline, our Senior Community Advisor, strive to reduce or alleviate stress for all involved.

LBYD is an excellent resource for the “sandwich generation” as well. This group is comprised by those between the ages of 45 and 60 who tend to the needs of both children and their own parents. Sometimes the situation is compounded by physical distance between the sandwich generation and their parents.

Steve and Mary recognize the anxiety that often accompanies placing a loved one in a new and unknown living situation. Their expertise and years of experience enable them to ease clients fears by reducing the many accompanying stressors. Living By Your Design eliminates the need to wade through entrance qualifications, financial assistance and other issues related to transitioning into home health care, a health care facility or senior living development. Living By Your Design serves an eight-county area, with plans for major expansion.

Steve and Mary

About Steve and Mary

Steve Buttice, owner of Living By Your Design, is passionate about empowering people to make important decisions during various life stages. Aging in particular presents unique challenges, especially when new health care issues arise and living needs change. Steve’s background as a board member at the Agency on Aging and owner of Medical Reimbursement has prepared him to help seniors and their loved ones transition from living on their own to assisted care or independent senior living.

As the founder of Medical Reimbursement Services, Steve has dealt with Medicare-related financial issues since 1984. The company was incorporated as Medical Reimbursement and Management Services, Inc., in 1992, when the company’s focus shifted to care management.

Having a certification in Gerontology from the University of Illinois, Steve Buttice has served on an advisory board for a congressman on Medicare. He is regarded as an authority on Medicare and insurance, and is often called upon to speak at educational seminars. Frequently interviewed by Central Illinois TV and radio journalists, Steve writes columns for the local publications “Healthy Cells” and “News and Views.” He is also a guest instructor at ICC, as well as all three Peoria hospitals and Pekin Hospital.

Mary Casterline has a passion for people and quality of life. She has made it her mission to serve the most vulnerable people in society beginning with a career in special education (teacher, learning & behavior consultant, and instructor of special education at Eureka College).

Mary also brings personal experience to the table as a member of the “sandwich generation”. Her mother recently utilized the services of LBYD to make the transition from owning her home to living in a senior community. She currently serves the older American population and veterans by studying about needed services & visiting local programs for senior living communities.